Seasonal Breakfast

The Columbiana Inn offers breakfast servings at 8:30, 9:00 and 9:30 a.m., either in our sunny dining room (year round), or on the back porch (spring through autumn).  A bountiful, seasonal breakfast may include local products such as farm-fresh eggs, bacon, or sausage from the neighboring countryside, and in-season fruits from local farm markets, as well as homemade pastries or purchases from our local bakery, Hogan’s Baking Company.

The Innkeepers make breakfast memorable.  Paul specializes in fresh hash browns, which are always a hit!  Susie’s breakfast casseroles are a feast in themselves, and her yogurt parfaits, topped with Paul’s homemade granola, are both healthy and delicious!  Kim is always searching for new and unusual breakfast recipes to bring to the table.  She consistently receives compliments on her delectable selections!  Guests enjoy freshly ground coffee each morning, or may choose from an assortment of teas that are sure to please any taste or mood.  A choice of juice and fresh fruit is also offered each morning.


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