Loren Wilson Loft

Climb toward the stars as you discover the Loren Wilson Loft.  Named in honor of both Innkeepers Paul and Susie’s own fathers, the whimsical loft is a world unto itself.  Dormer windows with pillowed window seats gaze out over the treetops of lovely Columbiana, treating guests to a rise above the cares of their day.  Complete privacy sets the Loren Wilson Loft apart so that guests can immerse themselves in the comfort of a king size, pewter Monique bed in this nest perched on the entire third floor of the Inn.

Open doors and boxes and peek at treasures Innkeeper Susie has nestled there, and delve into the cleverly disguised and backlit mini-bar with its touch of toile whimsy.  Have fun flipping levers to discover unique lighting throughout the suite and even a heated towel bar in the bath, providing a welcome, warming touch.  Sink into the comfy seating area for a nighttime movie and nibble on complimentary offerings from the kitchen guest tray – all while enjoying the company of the one you love.

The Loren Wilson Loft, your restive haven from the world below, awaits you at The Columbiana Inn.


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