Sylvia Stern Suite

Plenty of “Susie Art” abounds in this delightful suite, named in honor of Innkeeper Paul’s mother.  Guests love the abundant ‘good reads’ scattered throughout the suite, and are quick to notice the charming repeated patterning that runs through the master bedroom, sitting area, kitchen nook, and bath—soothing sages and creams underscored with steady blacks.

The ‘piece de resistance’, however, is undoubtedly the tall faux mantle in the sitting room, which reveals a cleverly concealed Murphy bed!  With that touch, the suite and its four poster iron bed instantly changes from a two to four guest unit!  What fun!

Numerous nooks and crannies in the Sylvia Stern Suite conceal serendipitous treasures, from “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” over the bed to the corner commode and repurposed piano bench in the bath to the antique chairs and eclectic prints connecting all.  Also pause to discover the touch of Christmas nostalgia tucked into the main bedroom because, as Innkeeper Susie states, “We need a reminder of how we should be all year round.”


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