Heartfelt thanks to all of our guests who have traveled to Columbiana over the past seven years.  We are blessed to have had this amazing opportunity to be your innkeepers and share this beautiful home with you.  Thank you to those of you who have visited once, twice, or a dozen times!  The Inn has sold, and it is once again a private residence.  We wish the new owners much happiness as they settle in to their new home.

AROUND MY DOOR, by Lydia Dieckmann

Around my door that opens wide
Love and friendship twine
And those who step inside will find
A friendly welcome shrine.

Around my hearth where hearts keep warm
Friends gather one by one,
And as the warmth of flames that glow
Love welcomes all who come.

A fresh bouquet of lilacs picked,
Their fragrance to embrace
The many hearts that come to rest,
Or a friend who seeks release.

Around my door which opens wide
Where a garden of flowers abide,
My heart and love are waiting
For loved ones to step inside!

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